Super Charge Your Super

Super-Rewards brings you a new way of growing your super.


Super-Rewards is a shopping platform that contributes to your super for you. Shop with your favourite brands and earn cash rewards from the retailer on every purchase - paid into your super account.


We are closing the superannuation gap and creating a better outlook for your super and your future! 

Super Charge Your Super

Start earning more into your super.

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Did you know that we have more than 150 retailers on the shopping site that you can select to shop with? Each of the retailers give your cash rewards on your purchases. It's a win-win. Think about your weekly groceries, buying clothing, presents, electronics or even your next holiday. Super-Rewards has you covered. 


We pay your cash rewards every month into your superannuation. It's a no-brainer. Try it today



Super-Rewards is Australia's only shopping site that contributes to your super and thus helps reward women for their time spent caring for others and running the household – which comes at a cost to their income, and their super. Super-Rewards is a great way to increase your super without any cost to you.


The super gap is the difference between men and women’s retirement savings. On average, women retire with 58% as much super as men as a result of lower paying jobs, time out of the workforce, and working part-time or flexibly. Super-Rewards is here to help close the super gap and enable women to reach a more comfortable retirement! (But men can join too!)

Why Super-Rewards

Super-Rewards at a glance

Start earning Super-Rewards in 5 easy steps!

  • Retailers top up your super when you shop online through us
  • The more you shop, the more super you earn
  • Compatible with any super fund or SMSF
  • Free to join, no upfront charges
  • Be rewarded for what you have to do anyway
  • Set it up in 2 minutes and start shopping
  1. Log into Super Rewards
  2. Navigate to the shopping platform
  3. Click on the brand you want to purchase from e.g. The Iconic
  4. Shop online as you would normally
  5. Receive the retailer's cash reward into your super!

While super can be complicated to understand, one thing is true (and especially for women) – add as much as you can. Now

Super-Rewards helps you do that - on a daily basis - and without that money coming from your pocket.


Every time you shop with Super-Rewards’ retail partners, cash rewards are paid into your existing super fund. It’s simple – all you need to do is make sure you shop through Super-Rewards.

Super-Rewards = Super Easy

It's a quick and easy signup process. Once signed up, you can shop immediately and earn. How cool is that!